Serenity  Noir 

*** Relocating to Geneva in October***

There are many references to tantra and tantric massage when the subject of sensual or erotic massage is

researched. Firstly there is no right and wrong in tantra, subject of course to consent. In addition tantra,

whilst providing many outcomes to people, is fundamentally about the pursuit of pleasure .

The truth of the matter is that the same massage creates different reactions in different people and for some the

very action of receiving a massage is a sensual experience. For others it may just be relaxing. There are many

factors which make a massage sensual and these can include the relationship between giver and receiver, the

environment, depth or strength of the massage, the parts of the body included and the massage moves adopted

in the massage given.

Tantra massage is a relaxing yet regenerating session where the client lets go and allows the practitioner’s touch

to melt away stress, transforming the energy to experience a world of pleasure. This massage awakening the

senses, by allowing yourself to let go and to be aware of the body, as erogenous zones and sensitive areas are

being stimulated . It is an  personalized experience where you will feel the waves of excitement rising up and

then softly falling down again carrying you into a state of pure euphoria!

Sensual Tantra Body Work: 
Is a highly arousing and erotic session that use various massage techniques to release your muscular tension and then slowly caressing your skin with sensual, tantalizing touches building up your sexual stamina. Included in this massage is body on body contact, seductive teasing, mutual body worship and extended delayed ejaculation control. Performed by the masseuse allowing you to completely unwind, enjoying the present pleasure entering into the joys of divine bliss.

"The art of sensual touch is a journey of discovery. The receiver's role is to stay relaxed and focused upon the experience
 of receiving without expectation of how it will feel."

**** A complimentary shower available before and after your massage ****

    60  min - £100

   90  min - £120  (autumn delight)

 120 min  - £180


*~*~*~*~* Please kindly note that is not a sexual services, however mutual touching can be

allowed upon  mutual agreement. ~*~*~*~*